We are EYE/D, a Telavivian production house.

We are about working together with our clients to create not just another project, but rather a collaborative process that boasts a hybrid of skill-sets, cost solutions, and innovative thinking.

With an acute sensitivity to visual representation, our projects are a reflection of the importance we attribute to the details.

 From commercials, to music videos; our knowledge in the realm of video production allows us to navigate between our team members most qualified for the task.

Head of Productions

Omri’s capacity to oversee the project from start to finish comes both from a background in psychology together with extensive experience in work in the field of high-end advertising company. He specialises in production management along with budget planning and client care

Leor Belgazal

Creative Director

Leor comes with a rich background in both direction and post production, as well as an impressive portfolio in cinematography. This combined professional experience contributes to his unique ability to make the best use of the various artistic and financial resources available for each project.